Garland untangles complex federal contracting regulations to help you make your most persuasive arguments in litigated disputes.

About Garland

Garland is available as a consulting or testifying expert witness.

Mike Garland has been immersed in Information Technology and government contracts his entire career. Highlights from his career experience include:

  • Lead procurement strategist for all Cloud “Center of Excellence” acquisitions and advising on new and creative procurement approaches for evolving commercial offerings.
  • Negotiating and Driving FITARA and OMB Mandated Enterprise-wide Software Licensing Agreements for GSA
  • Creation of Original Researched and Written Acquisition Articles for GSA Acquisition Gateway
  • Completing Master of Laws Degree in Government Procurement from George Washington University School of Law
  • Publication of award winning history of IT Federal Procurement 1965-2015
  • Adjunct Professor for Federal IT Procurement, George Washington University
  • Member of American University Washington College of Law, GovCon Advisory Board.
  • Garland has held Executive VP Level or leadership positions in IT companies including: Avaya, Siemens, BearingPoint, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, and Lockheed Martin

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Michael Garland provides expertise on government procurement and IT contracts.

The Government, private companies, and many DC area journalists rely on Garland’s expertise for clarification on complex issues surrounding government procurement contracts and IT.

As an expert witness, Garland brings years of IT business expertise and Government Procurement knowledge to fortify your arguments during litigation.

Garland’s intimate knowledge of the arcane and complex workings of government procurement can lead to invaluable insights for litigated disputes.

Expert Witness Experience

Mike Garland as seen on Government Matters news program.

Even the government hires Garland to help them with Information Technology contracting issues. Garland’s far-reaching knowledge applies to all aspects of government contracting, including simplifying complex issues that often confound the government and private companies.

A frequent speaker, published writer and TV commentator, Garland’s efforts have focused on gaining control of the IT market spend by Government while also developing market entry strategies for innovative companies. The common theme is expertise on government contracts for products or services - and the unique government regulations required for each.

In addition, Garland has been intimately involved in:

  • Providing expert witness testimony in a confidential dispute related to government contracting, employment and federal market definitions
  • Redrafting the GSA Schedule 70 solicitation to update the terms and conditions for software and cloud computing
  • Supporting Software Asset Management (SLMS) through business case and prototype development
  • Strategizing with the Enterprise Software Category Team on the development of its charter, implementation plans and "best in class "criteria
  • Advising the congressionally mandated Section 809 Panel on procurement issues related to information technology

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Direct Experience

Garland has a broad range of experience in government matters and has consulted on a wide array of government-oriented topics. He is potentially capable of performing expert witness duties in the following areas:

  • Procurement, Acquisition
  • GSA Schedule
  • Schedule 70
  • Price Reduction Clause
  • Transactional Data Reporting
  • TDR
  • NAICS codes
  • Acquisition Planning and Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Government Services Administration
  • Commercial Items
  • Anti-Deficiency Act
  • Anti-Kickback Act
  • Termination for Convenience
  • Allowable Cost
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • FAR
  • Clinger-Cohen
  • Class Deviation
  • Competition
  • Christian Doctrine
  • CICA
  • Commercial Price
  • Commercial Practices
  • Cardinal Change
  • Buy American Act
  • Trade Agreements Act
  • TAA, Bundling
  • Blanket Purchase Agreement
  • BPA
  • Bid Protest
  • Best Value
  • Teaming Arrangements
  • Subcontracts
  • Special Item Numbers
  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf
  • COTS
  • Software License
  • Cloud
  • Software as a Service
  • Cost Accounting
  • Debarment
  • Defective Price
  • IDIQ
  • GWAC
  • Data Rights
  • 8a
  • Export Control
  • False Claims Act
  • FCA
  • FedBizzOpps
  • FPDS
  • Firm Fixed Price
  • FFP
  • FCPA
  • FOCI
  • Fraud
  • Hubzone
  • Most Favored Customer
  • MAS program
  • Federal Schedules
  • GSA Solicitation
  • SEWP
  • OCI
  • Organizational Conflicts of Interest
  • Past Performance
  • Civilian Board of Contract Appeals
  • Set Aside
  • Small Business
  • PSC codes
  • Section 508
  • SDVOB.  

Garland’s expert witness testimony can save you weeks if not months of independent research—and Garland’s unbiased approach could be instrumental to the outcome of your case.


If you are seeking an expert witness with decades of deep knowledge and relevant experience in the federal government contracting industry, contact Garland Expert Witness Services today. Take the first step toward a favorable outcome.

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